Take a look at the accommodations on our site. You can search by area, or simply hit explore. You can filter the results based on your preferences. You can add the accommodations you like to your favorites list by clicking the heart-icon. You can find your favorites on your account-page.

All features of the room are listed in detail and we like to be as clear and transparent as possible. All pictures are therefore verified by our team, to make sure you exactly know what you're booking. You can even see the nationality of your future flatmates. Also, in many cases at the bottom of the page you can see other rooms that are also available in the same apartment.

To get the best experience on our site you'll need to sign-up or log-in. Use an email address you check regularly, so we can contact you regarding the booking process when needed.

Found a home you like? Click book now, and fill in your personal information. If you haven't logged in yet, this is the time to do it. Please check all information before you submit your request. Especially the rental conditions and move in date are important.

Once you click “Submit Booking request”, your Credit Card will be authorized. This means we block the amount on your card, but won't charge you yet. The landlord has 48 hours to review and accept your request. Keep an eye out on your email, and you can also always check the status of your booking in your account. If the landlord accepts the booking request, your Credit Card will be charged for the first month’s rent and our service fee. The first month’s rent is transferred to a trust account and held there until 48 hours after your move-in date.

Time to start preparing for your move to Shanghai! Soon after booking, usually within 1-2 days. you will receive an email from your new landlord to arrange the key pick-up and move-in. The communication will be directly between you and your new landlord to make it as fast and easy as possible. If you need any help from us in communicating with your new landlord, please let us know. Some landlords are more particular than others with move-in schedules, and this information is stated in the rental conditions. Please be mindful when booking your flight to ensure you can move-in smoothly.

It also helps to check with the landlord what you'll need to provide on the day of move-in. Some landlords request you pay the deposit and/or rent in cash.

Welcome to Shanghai! Today you will meet your landlord at the time and place you agreed. Most likely either at the apartment or at the landlord's office. You will sign the contract with the landlord and receive the documents you need for police registration. Make sure to ask your landlord the address of the closest police station. For a detailed description of the required documents click here.

If your rent is paid bi-monthly, you will need to pay for 1 more month rent + the security deposit when moving into the apartment. If your rent is paid monthly, just the deposit will be due on move-in day. The deposit is usually a month and half of your rent. Additionally, some landlords have a one time management fee, that will need to be paid upon move-in. A breakdown of the specific amounts will be provided by your landlord, and of course will be listed in the rental conditions of the room you booked.

Check the apartment carefully and take pictures of your room and the apartment to ensure you have proof of the current state of the apartment. By taking pictures you will have a comparison to show the landlord when you move-out.

Please register with your local police station within 24 hours after moving in. To review the required documents, please click here.

To make sure your move to Shanghai is smooth and comfortable we have a 48 hour security period on all our bookings. We will only transfer the first month rent that you paid through AskCucu to your new landlord 48 hours after your move in. If the home is significantly different from the pictures on our site, or it does not match the features listed on our website, you need to let us know within the security period. We have very strict agreements with all landlords on our site, so we will be able to help resolve the issue. For common things that might occur during your stay, from lost keys and broken lights, to a scary spider under your bed, should be arranged directly with your landlord.