It is a place where East meets West – traditional Chinese customs live side by side with new skyscrapers and a young, modern population. It is a city friendly to foreign visitors and expats, and boasts its residents include over 200 nationalities.

The sprawling city offers nice parks for quiet strolls, historic sites to explore, and world class shopping, dining, and nightlife.

The Huangpu River, which is an estuary of the great Yangtze River, bisects the city. On one side is the Puxi district, where Shanghai’s famous Bund is located. The Bund is a nice waterfront promenade where you can enjoy the beauty of the river while trying new and interesting restaurants.

On the other side is the Pudong district, which the heart of the business district and where Shanghai’s famous skyscrapers are located.

The Neighborhoods

It's a big city; we'll help you find your way around

Getting around

Easy like a Sunday morning

Shanghai has a highly developed infrastructure including a vast subway system to help you get around the city. It is the only city in China with two international airports! The famous Maglev train connects Pudong International Airport with downtown Shanghai. The Maglev is the fastest train in the world and operates at speeds of 431 km/h (268 mph).

The public transportation system is the best way to get around this large city. It includes buses, 14 subway lines, and ferries taking commuters across the Huangpu.

The Shanghai public transportation system handles the world’s largest daily volume of passengers! It is easy to navigate, inexpensive, and convenient to pay with Public Transportation Card.

You can even use the card in taxis to get around the city. The main Metro lines are Line 4, which circles the city center, Line 2, which is the main east/west connector, and Line 7, which is the main north/south connector.

Shanghai also offers a vast railway network that connects to cities across China to help you see all parts of this fascinating country while living here.